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With a focus on beautiful buildings, streetscapes and gorgeous trees, my cityscape artwork style lends itself well to commissions. I have worked with many clients looking to immortalise their home; capture a distinctive part of their neighbourhood; hang a portrait of their favourite street on the wall or gift an overseas friend or family member a little part of Australia.

I am currently working in a range of standard sizes for individual pieces and can also do diptychs, triptychs and multi panelled artworks as large as your heart desires! Prices start from $210 for a 20x20cm artwork. Fill out the form below with a bit of info on what you are after and I can give you a better idea of costs, process and time frames.

Matt and Gemma’s house

Matt commissioned me to create a series of 3 small works of their family home for his wife Gemma for Christmas. We arranged a time while Gemma was out for me to come and take photos of the house. Matt told me the parts of the house which were important to him and the things he wanted to feature.

After looking through the photos on my return to the studio, I sent through a few options of compositions for Matt and we had a discussion about the style of work he was after: he wanted the colours to be kept relatively close to reality and asked for some collage and texture without anything too crazy. He was also keen to make a feature of the beautiful tree in their backyard which ended up in all three of the works. After a bit of cropping and a couple more drafts we had a plan nutted out and I set to work on the final pieces.

cafe d’ivoire

Kristina lives round the corner from this cafe in Balmain which is owned by friends of hers. She commissioned me to do this artwork as a gift for them.

She asked simply that I take my photos while the cafe was open and said she was after either a 30x30cm or 30x40cm size depending on what worked best. I sent her a few options of compositions and we agreed that with the shape of the cafe, the horizontal format worked best. Kristina was happy to leave the style and colours of the work up to me.

Snowy Eucumbene

Mirna and Anthony wanted to gift an artwork to Anthony’s parents celebrating the beauty of Eucumbene in the Snowy Mountains of NSW where they have a holiday house. This work was a little different from the way I normally work in that it wasn’t practical for me to take my own photos. A large part of my work is the photo and the framing of the composition so it is normally easiest for me to take images myself. In this case however, they sent me a large selection of pictures they had taken themselves and so I was able to find the parts of those photos which worked for me.

Mirna and Anthony were keen to leave the design of the work entirely up to me and instead of specifying the size or number of works they were after, they just gave me their budget and left the rest up to me. We ended up with a series of three pieces which together offer a feel of the area.

If you’d like to commission your very own work, get in touch with the form below and we can start a conversation.

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